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Have you ever thought about getting married in the daytime instead of a traditional evening one? Did you know in the later 1800’s early 1900’s daytime wedding were most common. There are many reasons why I believe bringing back a daytime wedding is beneficial.  Perhaps your guests aren’t into drinking and dancing or maybe you have children, a lot of children at your wedding. Johanna a personal blogger and wedding enthusiast shares some great ideas if you choose to plan one.

A reflection of  your personalities

An easy way to ensure that your day is as perfect as you’ve always dreamed it would be is to tailor your wedding to your personalities. Daytime receptions are already a little less conventional than evening receptions, so use this to your advantage and don’t feel pressured to conform to tradition. For example, if neither of you likes the idea of speech, don’t feel that you need to include them in your wedding.

Perhaps you’re both fans of Disney, and you’d like to have a fairytale wedding, or you met while practicing a shared hobby, and you’d like to reference that occasion during your big day.  Always take your preferences into account when you’re choosing how to plan and decorate. Even if your choices feel a little unorthodox, remember that it’s your special day, and therefore you and your partner should be the ones making the big decisions.

Games Anyone?

If you’re planning a daytime wedding, you probably won’t be able to expect a lot of dancing from your guests. Why not set up a fun photo booth or encourage your guests to play games instead? You could keep the kids busy by offering an arts and crafts corner or have them join in too. Try lawn games like bowls or croquet, as well as life-size chess. For older guests, you might like to offer card games so they can play while remaining seated.

Get creative with the food

Daytime weddings offer a little more freedom when you’re choosing what food and drinks to serve. If you and your partner love breakfast food, you might like to have a cake created out of pancakes or donuts; it’ll be a hit with guests of all ages, and add something fun and different to your big day. You could have a buffet-style lunch, with different stations for different types of food, or a bar with daytime options like milkshakes and smoothies. Lunch is naturally a less formal occasion than dinner, so your options are a lot more diverse. If your wedding is set to take place in summer, you could even have an ice-cream station – who wouldn’t love creating their own ice-cream sundaes on a hot day?

Choose the perfect venue

Matching your venue to your theme will make for the perfect photo sessions. During the day, your guests will also have much better views of their surroundings than they would at night, so you might like to try a venue such as a beach-front restaurant if you’re ocean lovers, a venue in a building overlooking your city if you want something a little chicer, or a barn in the countryside if you and your guests prefer to spend time outdoors. Depending on the time of year, you might even be able to watch the sunset from your venue – a perfect end to a perfect day.

Daytime weddings are often less expensive and more relaxing than night-time ceremonies. Whether you invite just a few key friends and family members or two hundred guests on each side, your wedding will be just as special if you choose to celebrate during the day rather than at night!

Johanna absolutely loves attending fun destination weddings, as they are often more intimate and double as a mini vacation filled with bonding time with dear family and friends. Johanna has written articles for travel and hospitality sites such as Tanoa Dateline. Visit Johanna’s Tumblr page to read more of her published work.

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