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Who doesn’t love a good piece of cake? But here are some great alternatives to Wedding cake

You love cake, right? But not everyone does. In fact, I’ve been working with the coolest bride ever, and she’s very nontraditional. Which is excellent because a wedding is all about you and she’s looking to have a fun o’ party. So I wasn’t surprised when she asked for some ideas on alternatives to a wedding cake.

It got me thinking who else out there doesn’t like cake? I took the question to Instagram, and I received many great responses, so I thought I share with you. Keep in mind your mother-n-law may ask “where’s the cake,” but the great thing is, you can point to the really cool displays of…… because your Wedding Day is a reflection of you.

Let’s kick it off with my bride’s favorite options

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

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I’m talking about a killer Cookie tower stacked in tiers, that you just might fool your grandparents too. Another fresh option is the classic alternative to a birthday cake, Cookie Cake. You can place them on several cake tiers add flowers and voilà….a beautiful cookie display.


One trend I’m seeing a lot this year is Donut boards. So why not stack them up layer by layer to create the cake of your dreams. My son would Say what!  Donut cake please mama, please.

Boudt Cakes

Have you ever heard of Noting Bundt Cakes? My god, last year I was introduced to them at an office party, and I haven’t looked back. If you’re not a fan of cake but love bundt cake, then you’ve got to go with this alternative. The icing alone is something to drool over.

Tower of chocolate love

For those who enjoy chocolate, have you ever thought about creating a tower of bonbons, kisses, even truffles to make a cake of deliciousness? I know I’ll be doing this for my next birthday party!


This perfect for those who always seem to order the New York Style cheesecake every time you see it on the menu.

Pancake/Crepe/Waffle heaven

Timeless Love Weddings | Alternative to wedding cake blog | Crepe Wedding Cake

Something I’d never thought of outside from Sunday brunch was a stack of pancakes. Add some delicious filling between layers, and your guest will swoon over how tasty breakfast for dessert can be.

Pie’s are not just for the holidays

Over the summer, I had a bride who hated cake but had a weakness for pies. Delicious pies of Blueberry, cherry, pumpkin, and pecan. It was so lovely to enjoy a slice when not being stuffed by turkey.

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream

One of the most excellent recommendations I heard about was an ice cream sundae bar. I mean your favorite candy toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry. I’m in!

Wedding bakery

I’m sorry but walking into a reception and seeing all your favorite desserts from your local bakery in one place. Can I say sugar coma? Whoopie pies, cream puffs, eclairs, cannoli’s oh my. I died and went to heaven.

Pound cake

Timeless Love Weddings | Alternative to wedding cake blog | Pound cake

Photo Credit: Samantha Canal Photography

Lastly, the old fashion pound cake. Top it with some fresh berries & whipped cream, and you have the perfect summer cake treat.


My god, I think I’m in a sugar coma now. Everything sounds so good. Remember this is your day, it’s OK to be different, and I hope these gave you some great alternatives.

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