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Timeless Love Weddings | Vendor spotlight | Raleigh Tuxedo shop Bernard's Formalwear

The second you get engaged you are inundated with questions. Have you set the date? Where will it be? But one of the most important questions is, what to wear? The bride spends months finding the perfect dress, selecting flowers, and creating a beautiful design. However, when deciding on the overall style and feeling a “Dress Code” plays a big part.  Here is a cheat sheet  (Thanks to the Knot) to help with wording your invitations so there is no confusion and your uncle doesn’t show up wearing his jeans and cowboy boots to an elegant affair.

Even after looking at the dress code though, it can be a bit of a challenge for your guests to work out what exactly to wear. You’ve carefully chosen a list of your nearest and dearest and you want them to turn up looking the part. Anyone without an acute sense of style might still struggle to decode the dress code, so they may want to brush up on their wedding guest attire before picking an outfit. God forbid one of them shows up wearing white!

To help with a stylish, elegant, or cocktail affair, I wanted to introduce a local rental company that provides the most up to date trends on tuxedos and men’s suits for all occasions.  I ask a few questions to get to know the Company and Operation Manager Keith Smith better in today’s Vendor Spotlight. We can’t forget about the guys! We’re excited to present to you a brand new concept in tuxedo shopping. So read on to find out how to outfit yourself in the latest and greatest, with the least hassle possible!


{How Long Has Bernardo Formalwear In Business} 

Bernard’s Formalwear will be celebrating 45 years in business in November of 2016.

{What Makes Bernard Formalwear Stand Out} 

Bernard’s is the only local tuxedo rental company. All others are chains. We stock all of our merchandise in our location on Ninth St, here in Durham. This gives our customers the ability to see and try on any style that we carry. It also gives out of town customers (members of wedding parties) piece of mind as we can replace or alter any suit, on the spot, while they wait. No one else can do that. All of the chain operators, Men’s Warehouse, Jos A Bank receive their tuxedos from out of state warehouses. Last minute adjustments are either not an option or can be very expensive, involving overnight shipping.

Timeless Love Weddings | Vendor spotlight | Raleigh Tuxedo shop Bernard's Formalwear

{When Should Clients Start The Rental Process For Tuxedo Rentals} 

Wedding parties should begin 2-3 months out from their wedding date at a minimum. We like to have all the measurements for a wedding party no less than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. We extend that deadline to 30 days during our busy spring season.

Prom or individual rentals can be handled literally the same day, though we do prefer a 1-2 week advance order.

{What Advice Do You Have For Clients Looking For A Tuxedo}

I always advise clients, especially wedding parties to consider trends. We have seen many styles and colors come and go over the 45 years we’ve been serving Durham. One thing that never goes out of style is a classic black tuxedo. Think about your pictures when you look back 10, 20, 30 years later. No one knows how long a style will remain popular. That being said, we always carry the newest styles and colors by top designers so they can express their own personal style.

{Do You Have Any Budget Saving Tips}

We encourage all wedding and special occasion customers to register on our website. They receive a special offer discount of $40 off each rental in their party. Groom’s rentals are free with 5 paid rentals in their wedding party.

Many wedding parties that include children are often looking for a less expensive alternative for the kids. There is no real reason to put a 5-year-old in a designer tuxedo at full price when we offer basic styles, that look very similar for much less.

It was wonderful getting to know Keith from Bernard’s Formal wear. Looking for a suite/tux for your next event contact them today to schedule your appointment.


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