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Your partner just popped the question, Woohoo! You must have a ton of feelings fluttering you…excitement, joy, and maybe a hint of anxiety? So now what? Well, if you look up “just got engaged, now what,” umpteenth million articles will appear. However, there are some things you don’t need to worry about right NOW. Check out the five things that can wait before diving deep into wedding planning.

  1. Announcing the wedding date

Ok, so this may seem obvious, but I’ve seen it so many times, brides announcing their date without having a venue. Yes, you’ve started your website; however, there is no need to announce the date yet. Now if you don’t care what venue you are getting married at, and must get married on a particular date, then go ahead and do it. But that’s not the case for most brides, so do yourself a favor if friends and family ask to say the month your thinking about. Don’t be specific. Not yet, anyway.

  1. Shopping for Décor

Please don’t worry about buying décor too soon. I’ve seen it so many times brides, and mothers are out shopping and think this will be so cute for the wedding and pick it up. The thing is, your taste will change as the planning progresses, so, by all means, wait till you have at least met with your planner/coordinator, florist & venue before shopping. It will save you money and a headache later when you’re trying to sell all your items on Facebook.

  1. Hiring every vendor right away

Most engagements are 9+ months out, so what’s the rush? Yes, you’ll need to book your vendors; however, some vendors don’t need to be hired right way. I tell my planning clients to choose your top 3 must-haves like a photographer, cater, DJ and research, research, research before contracting them.

Once you’ve checked them off your list, you can start moving through your other vendors.

  1. Selecting your Bridal party

I know you’re over the moon, excited. You just said yes, so now it’s time to dive in. I mean you’ve been secretly pinning photos since you met your man. But the reality is relationships and life change, especially a year out.  Choosing your wedding party too early will cause stress, later on, so be patient! Your BFF is not going to hate you if you wait.

  1. Selecting your DRESS

Your wedding dress is the #1 thing every guest looks at while you’re walking down the aisle. As a female, it’s natural to think about what you’re going to wear. Shoot, most of us have been thinking about the dress since you were a young girl. However, you do not want to start shopping for a wedding dress too early. Most of us even the guys try to trim a little before the big day. Your taste may change, and to be honest, the cost of your dress may also cause more stress. Take my advice, Pin all the different styles but hold of shipping just yet. Do your research on styles, costs, and boutiques.

Before diving deep into planning, you need to make sure you have a date and a budget. If you haven’t done so yet, check out .

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