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There are so many details that go into making your dream wedding. One detail that sometimes gets overlooked is guest favors. Some couples really don’t have it in their budget to spend another 400+ on favors, so don’t feel you have too. Favors are usually the first cost I will cut, however, if you do have a budget for, why not buy wedding favors your guests will LOVE.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve done a little scouting online for some fun, unique favors that I think are fun, unique, and are not a waste of money. Check out below some great ideas:


I’m not talking about your grandparent’s coasters from the ’60s, but some cool ones. There are so many great options like slate, tile, cork, and wood slabs. They all can be personalized with initials, wedding date, bile passage, and more. I love them, and your guests will use them.

Timeless Love NC Weddings granite coaster favor idea

Candle & Match set

I love the smell of a good scented candle. When I came across this set on Etsy, I just had to share it. How excellent is this box set of a personalized candle with matches tied up in a box with a bow on it?

Timeless Love NC Weddings candle and match set favor idea

Mini Sugar Cookies kit

Are you a baker? Do you love cookies? Most people do. How cute are these mini sugar cookie mix set? This tutorial tells you how to make them yourself. Grab your bridesmaids and have a girls night making your favors.

Timeless Love NC weddings cookie batch favor set

Mini Olive Oil

Take a pinch of salt, a dash of oregano and the mini Olive Oil jar for the perfect Italian dinner for two.

Timeless Love NC Wedding Olive oil favor idea

Favors are a great way to thank your guests. I tell my couple all the time that you favors should mean something that represents you or your wedding day. Whether it’s baking, something to help your guests relax, or a childhood favorite, if you want your favors to go home, give your guest something they’ll love.


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