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OMGoodness, can you believe 2019 is already here? I’ve only been staring at the date, January 1st, in my planner for 31 days but I still feel like it came out of nowhere and far too fast. But alas it is here and now is about the time I start ruminating on what was 2018 and what is going to be 2019. 2018 was the year of vellum, and acrylic galore, it was the year of ultraviolet and oh so much texture! So what trends are staying and what exciting new things are coming to weddings in 2019? While I’m no good at telling the exact future—shocker right, I can surmise a based on where the tail end of 2018 was heading just what 2019 might have in store for weddings. Spoiler alert, it is so so so magically good!  

Trends in table settings

I’ve been seeing so many couples choose to ditch the standard place card and go all out with creative new takes on these traditionally paper pieces. From calligraphy on tiles, oyster shells, fabric, and even wood! I see no end in sight for this late 2018 trend. 2019 could bring even more creative avenues for place card materials!

Another trend I see continuing into 2019 is the incorporation of the place name into the menu or other table spot decoration. Maybe this is personalizing each menu with the guest’s name and including their exact menu selection. Your guests will love how personal this feels, having a menu that clearly marks all the fixings that’s included with their prime rib dinner or vegetarian dish. Guests are more likely to hold onto these small elements if their names are on them. People love to see their name especially written in calligraphy.

Trends in the custom wedding invitation

Ah, Wedding Invitations. My favorite of this list, but that’s probably because I’m slightly biased hehe. Depending on your tastes wedding invitation trends vary hugely! Overall though I’ve seen a huge push for incorporation of intentionally personalized illustrations. What exactly do I mean by intentionally personalized illustrations? Invitations that focus on showcasing a gorgeous illustration of your unique venue, or a custom painted map of your wedding city. Intentional illustrations might stray away from abundantly floral invitations to include illustrations of pieces of the wedding as a whole that will help tell the unique story behind the wedding and the couple. For example the wedding venue, lace details from the bride’s dress or a specific chandelier or pattern at the venue.

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Photography by Kate Cherry Photography

I do not at all see a limitation on vellum being incorporated into suites and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an abundance of soft and feathery deckled edges take flight. The latter would also assume that an emphasis on handmade papers will be a stampeding trend for 2019.

Something I’m starting to notice more on invitations that is totally A-OK with me is an increased amount of hand applied artwork after the invitations have been printed. This might be an incorporation of a watercolor wash over the backside of the invitations. Or a small paint stroke to add an extra layer of texture. I personally love to splatter little flecks of gold or silver on invitations that are just begging for some extra love and sparkle. Hand-applied accents such as these create not only a gorgeous texture, but they create an effect so that no two pieces are exactly alike. If you’re not having an entirely custom created suite made for your big day, you may consider hiring an artist to create one of these personalized touches to add some extra pizazz.

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Photography by Blush & Blue Designs

2019 may even see the rise in a more eco-conscious and locally sourced minded trend. Couples are focusing on the use of small shops and local businesses to feel like they are contributing to the growth of their cities. This will mean great things for small businesses who focus on wedding invitations, signage, and calligraphy.

Trends in signage

This is a big one! One word—acrylic. Acrylic kind of took us by storm in 2018. I’m officially dubbing 2018 the year of translucency. Again, I am so OK with this! 2019 I expect the use of acrylic to rise even more. Couples love the elegance and simplicity of acrylic and glass signage incorporated into wedding décor. And it’s no surprise. Both materials offer a huge variety in the ways they could be used, which in turn made them perfect for pretty much any type of wedding you are having. Barn weddings, indoor romantic weddings, lush and French Chateau inspired, you name it and I assure you a gorgeous glass or acrylic welcome sign or seating chart will fit in perfectly.

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Photography by Rose Trail Images

I’ve seen signs trending more towards a less is more feel. Whereas sign requests used to be asked to be full of mixed types hand lettering, serifs, sans serif, fun shadowing, and shading, etc—much like chalkboard art. The tail end of 2018 I have seen more requests for elegantly scripted signage that is more simplistic in nature. Being a simplistically minded designer myself, I love the way this trend is shaping out. I’m excited to see if it continues.

Overall I see 2019 being the year of using multiple mediums and personal design. Which I’m looking forward.

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